Other Income

Proof of all income is required so please provide proof of it even if you know that it is disregarded in the calculation of benefit.

Other income includes the following: -

  • Private pension payments made by a former employer.
  • Maintenance payments, whether paid through the CSA or not. From 27 October 2008 maintenance payments made for dependant's have been disregarded in full. However, we will still need to see proof of the payments you receive. We will need all the details of maintenance received, that is, the amount paid to you, the frequency of payments, the method of payment and the date when payments began to make sure that we disregard the right amount.

This list does not cover every type of income but whatever you provide, we need to see the original documents, not photocopies.

If you are not sure about what evidence to send, you should contact us. If you do not provide the documents we need your Benefit may be delayed.

If you are having difficulty managing your debts you can get further assistance from the Citizens Advice self-help website.