Proof of Income

If you are getting Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance(Income Based), Jobseeker's Allowance (Contribution Based), Employment Support Allowance, Child Tax Credit and/or Working Tax Credit we can get proof of this direct from Job Centre Plus. We need proof of identity and national insurance numbers for you and your partner in order to get this information.

We also need proof of the following:

  • Any benefit paid by the Department of Work and Pensions. The best evidence is your last award letter. We may be able to accept current bank statements or passbooks showing payments received if the award letter is not available.
  • Tax Credits. Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit are payments from the Government to help meet everyday living costs. Nine out of ten families with children qualify for Child Tax Credit. Working Tax Credit can top up low earnings whether you are employed or self employed, whether you have children or not. Tax Credits are awarded by the Inland Revenue, telephone 0845 300 3900 to apply.
  • If you are awarded Tax Credits and are receiving or applying for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support you must tell us about your award as it is taken into account as income for benefit purposes.
  • Child Benefit. Please provide your award letter showing the names of your children and the rates payable. This also applies if you have a qualifying young person in your household. Child Benefit income is disregarded in full, however, proof of receipt is required as it is an important part of making sure you receive the right amount of benefits for your household.

Remember - we need to see the original documents, not photocopies. If you do not provide the documents, your benefit may be delayed.