Fishlake Meadows Nature Reserve

Fishlake Meadows is an area of land situated to north of Romsey. The site covers approximately 60 hectares and comprises of a mix of open water and standing water, reed bed and swamp, and flood plain marsh which is criss-crossed by rivers and ditches.

Public access is currently available along rights of way which offer views from the barge canal that runs along the eastern boundary, a path which runs from east to west through the site.

As part of the planning consent for development at Oxlease Farm, the land at Fishlake Meadows has been transferred to Test Valley Borough Council to manage as a nature reserve.


The Management Plan takes into consideration that the site will be transferred to TVBC to arrange as a nature reserve, and is based on known information about the site and feedback gained following the public consultation in January / February 2015. 

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