Including Abbotts Ann, Goodworth Clatford and Upper Clatford

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An Introduction to Anna

The ward of Anna is situated to the South of Andover towards the centre of Test Valley.

The close proximity of the ward to Andover means that Anna contains two distinct communities. Firstly those who live in the rural villages such as Abbotts Ann and Goodworth Clatford and secondly those living in Burghclere Down who live in a more urban area on the outskirts of the town.

What can I find out about Anna?

The pages below contain a variety of different information about the communities residing in Anna and the facilities available in the ward and surrounding area.


Who are my Test Valley Borough Councillors?

Who is my Hampshire County Councillor?

Abbotts Ann Parish Council

Goodworth Clatford Parish Council

Upper Clatford Parish Council