Sandbag Recovery Romsey

Press Release: 23/04/2014

Sandbags at war memorial park Romsey 2014

Test Valley Borough Council has successfully completed the first phase of the collection of unwanted sandbags across the borough. The second phase will commence on Saturday 26 April, with a week long programme which will see the Council remove the sandbags placed by the military at strategic sites on the advice of the Environment Agency. A team of staff from the borough council will be working in the vicinity of Rivermead Close, Riverside Gardens and Mill Lane in Romsey. This major logistical task will see the removal of many thousands of sandbags during the week.

Councillor Ian Carr, Leader of the Council, said: “It was a massive round the clock operation to deploy thousands of sandbags to residents and businesses across Test Valley. I am pleased that we have managed to complete the first phase of the sandbag recovery programme to time. This clears the way for us to commence the second phase.

“The second phase will see borough council staff removing the sandbags placed by the military to alleviate the risk of flooding to properties in Romsey. It was a huge task to deploy the sandbags in such large quantities and it will be equally challenge to remove them and clean-up the area. I am grateful to residents for their patience during the clean-up operation, which will see numerous staff working in the area and several daily vehicle movements.”

The Environment Agency will undertake the third recovery phase. This will see the removal of the structure “cat flap” at the head of the Fishlake Meadows Stream, a permanent repair to the breaches in the bank of the barge canal and removal of the sandbags.

Residents have the option to store uncontaminated sandbags for future use or dig the sand into soil if not contaminated. Empty sandbags can be disposed of in normal household waste black bins for collection. Residents who wish to dispose of sandbags, which were missed during the phase one clean-up, should contact our Customer Services team on 01264 368000 or 01794 527700 to arrange collection.

Some 80,000 sandbags were distributed across Test Valley to help alleviate the risk of flooding. All sand recovered by Test Valley Borough Council will be recycled as part of a county wide scheme.