Next Local Plan [emerging]

We are preparing our next Local Plan for the Borough for the period to 2036.  When a Local Plan is produced it has to based upon national planning guidance (National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Practice Guidance), the evidence that we collected and have taken into account, and what the Council and our communities see as the key planning issues. 


As the first stage in the preparation process, the Council undertook a consultation on the issues and options. It aimed to get your views on the issues that face the Borough, and those that live and work in Test Valley will face, and the options for how best we deal with them. This includes how much development we should plan for and where it should go. The consultation was not about identifying possible sites for development at this stage.  The consultation included issues covering housing, employment, the environment and infrastructure.


The consultation ran for a ten week period from 6 July to 14 September 2018. The documentation published for this consultation remains available on this page. To assist with Question 6 in the Issues and Options Consultation document, concerning the Housing Market Area (HMA) boundary (see paragraphs 5.6 and 5.7), a map showing the areas covered by the current Southern Test Valley (STV) and Northern Test Valley (NTV) HMAs was been provided.


The next Local Plan will take approximately five years to prepare and following this consultation there will be at least two further opportunities for you to have your say.  The results of the Issues and Options consultation will be used to prepare a ‘Preferred Options’ draft Local Plan. This will be a first draft Local Plan and contain more detailed policies and proposals.


We produced a short introductory film to accompany the Issues and Options consultation for the next Local Plan. In the film we hear from Emily, a local resident, about how the policies and proposals within the existing Local Plan have had a positive effect on her life. The film helps to explain the context and purpose of the Local Plan using the individual experiences of a local resident and looks at how implementing the policies and proposals within the existing Local Plan has had a positive effect on her life. It illustrates the practical role of the Local Plan in meeting the development needs of our communities and improving the quality of life of those who live and work in the Borough.