Test Valley Sport & Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA)

In 2006 Sport England launched a new delivery System for Sport through local Community Sports Networks (CSN's). Community Sports Networks are a network of local deliverers from a range of organisations and agencies all with a contribution to make to the delivery of sport and active recreation.

The Community Sports Networks are responsible for identifying local priorities and appropriate initiatives to increase the number of people participating in sport and physical activity in a local area.

Test Valley's Community Sports Network was established in July 2006 as the Test Valley Sport & Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA). The Test Valley SPAA has been created to provide local, strategic alliances of partners with an interest in sport and/or physical activity.

Members include those with a direct interest in sport and physical activity within Test Valley as well as those who have an interest in the benefits and broader social outcomes.

The SPAA aims:

  • To increase participation levels for children and people of all ages.
  • The alliance will over see the development and delivery of outcomes taken from the Sport & Recreation Strategy.
  • To support the development of local sports clubs.
  • It will guide investment and funding opportunities to build stronger partnerships across the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • The group will serve as a representation of sport and physical at a local level connecting local groups and organisations with policy makers and deliverers.
  • To provide co-ordinated opportunities for young people to volunteer in sport.

The SPAA members:

  • Test Valley Borough Council
  • The Mountbatten School Sport Partnership
  • Sport Hampshire & IOW
  • Testway Housing
  • Andover College
  • Valley Leisure
  • Hampshire Primary Care Trust

Contact Us:
For more information please contact Sport Development and Physical Activity Co-ordinator on 01264 368831 or email Community&leisure@testvalley.gov.uk