Revised Local Plan (DPD)

Adopted Local Plan Front Cover

The Revised Test Valley Borough Local Plan DPD - 2011 - 2029 contains proposed policies for determining planning applications and identifying strategic allocations for housing, employment and other uses. It can be viewed here. The Maps Index, Key to Inset Maps, Inset Maps and Proposal Maps are all available to view below. 

The Cabinet report can be found here. 

Further Information

Please see our 'evidence base' web pages for background documents that were used in drafting the Revised Local Plan. Please be advised that a number of the attachments are large documents and may take time to download. If you would like any further information or wish to purchase a copy of the local plan for £50.00 (and £5.00 for postage and packaging) please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01264 368816 or

Revised Local Plan Policy COM7: Affordable Housing – Planning Advice Note

The Council has prepared a Planning Advice Note to provide guidance in relation to the adopted Local Plan Policy COM7: Affordable Housing. It sets out the Council’s approach to implementing the policy following the Government’s amendments to Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) on planning contributions (Section 106 Planning Obligations) on 19 May 2016, (following the Written Ministerial Statement of 28 November 2014), regarding circumstances where tariff style and affordable housing contributions should not be sought.
The Planning Advice Note below, for applicants and agents, sets out how the Council calculates a financial contribution for the provision of the equivalent of off-site affordable housing. The document also sets out the justification for seeking affordable housing financial contributions and the methodology by which contributions will be secured.
The Planning Advice Note is intended as an interim advice note while the Council prepares the Affordable Housing Strategy and the revised Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document.