Lorry Restrictions Braishfield and King's Somborne

Concerns have been raised by Braishfield and King’s Somborne Parish Councils regarding the use of some roads by lorries.

The proposals, highlighted on the map below, increase the number of roads to a width restriction and on some shorter roads, introduce a weight restriction. Both types of restriction will continue to allow access to adjacent land and property. The difference between the two restrictions is the weight limit roads will also allow through movement by agricultural vehicles.

The purpose of applying these restrictions is to prevent lorries travelling through the whole length of a restricted road but still allow access to land and property adjacent to the road. Some of the roads are already subject to a width restriction.


A number of the routes are already covered by lorry restrictions. The additional routes are suggested following requests from Parish

The opportunity is being taken to provide a single comprehensive Order for the area part of which is the subject of a Planning Inspector’s requirement for a development at Forest Extra Up Somborne.

The formalisation of a weight and width restriction will increase the safety and accessibility to residents living in these areas by;

a) avoiding danger
b) preventing damage
c) preventing use of road by unsuitable vehicles having regard to the existing character of the road or adjoining properties
d) preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the road runs


Most of the minor roads in the area south of B3049 Winchester to Stockbridge Road, east of A3057 King’s Somborne to Romsey Road, and north and west of A3090 Romsey to Winchester Road.

How can I comment on the suggested changes?

Please provide feedback online using the following link:-

Alternatively, please complete and return to us the feedback form provided below either by email to engineering@testvalley.gov.uk or by post.


The consultation is now closed. If you require more information, please contact a member of the Traffic Management team on 01264 368000.