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Welcome to the Test Valley Community Landscape Project (TVCLP) website. Here you will find the contents of the TVCLP report, available as both standard web pages and as downloadable Adobe PDF
documents (suitable for desktop printing).

The aim of the project has been to provide a clear framework to guide the future development and management of the borough landscape in order to ensure that the distinctive character of the borough is retained and change is accommodated in a positive way to the benefit of the people who live and work in the borough, the ecological and historical value of the borough and the overall condition of the landscape.

The report is divided into four separate volumes, namely:

Volume 1: Description and Classification of Landscape Character Types and Area
Volume 2: Landscape Character Area Based Strategies and Guidelines
Volume 3: Report on Community and Stakeholder Involvement
Volume 4: Appendices

Please use the navigation bar (right of page) to access the report. The navigation bar contains an index of links to each of the four volumes, as well as a drop-down menu containing 'Quick Links' to the main section headings.

Alternatively, you may visit the Landscape Character Area of your choice using the Interactive Map.

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