Freedom of Information: Business Rates

Current Business Rates accounts with relief

By the 15th day of each month, we publish a list of current Business Rates accounts with relief. This is in Microsoft Excel format and it comprises the following information:

  • Local authority reference number
  • Primary liable party name
  • Full property address
  • Relief type
  • Relief start date

Please note that we only publish information relating to accounts and properties where the ratepayer is a company.

Download latest information (xlsx, 103kb)

Previous months


Month Download
January 2024 Download (xlsx, 104kb)
February 2024 Download (xlsx, 103kb)
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Month Download
January 2023 Download (xlsx, 102kb)

February 2023

Download (xlsx, 102kb)
March 2023 Download (xlsx, 102kb)
April 2023 Download (xlsx, 105kb)
May 2023 Download (xlsx, 103kb)
June 2023 Download (xlsx, 105kb)
July 2023 Download (xlsx, 105kb)
August 2023 Download (xlsx, 200kb)
September 2023 Download (xlsx, 104kb)
October 2023 Download (xlsx, 104kb)

November 2023

Download (xlsx, 104kb)
December 2023 Download (xlsx, 104kb)
Month Download
January 2022 Download (xlsx, 99kb)
February 2022 Download (xlsx, 100kb)
March 2022 Download (xlsx, 99kb)
April 2022 Download (xlsx, 101kb)
May 2022 Download (xlsx, 97kb)
June 2022 Download (xlsx, 99kb)
July 2022 Download (xlsx, 100kb)
August 2022 Download (xlsx, 101kb)
September 2022 Download (xlsx, 100kb)
October 2022 Download (xlsx, 102kb)
November 2022 Download (xlsx, 102kb)
December 2022 Download (xlsx, 101kb)
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January 2021 Download (xlsx, 115kb)
February 2021 Download (xlsx, 118kb)
March 2021 Download (xlsx, 117kb)
April 2021 Download (xlsx, 117kb)
May 2021 Download (xlsx, 117kb)
June 2021 Download (xlsx, 117kb)
July 2021 Download (xlsx, 109kb)
August 2021 Download (xlsx, 108kb)
September 2021 Download (xlsx, 109kb)
October 2021 Download (xlsx, 110kb)
November 2021 Download (xlsx, 109kb)
December 2021 Download (xlsx, 98kb)


Month Download
January 2020 Download (xlsx, 83kb)
February 2020 Download (xlsx, 85kb)
March 2020 Download (xlsx, 84kb)
April 2020 Download (xlsx, 103kb)
May 2020 Download (xlsx, 104kb)
June 2020 Download (xlsx, 107kb)
July 2020 Download (xlsx, 109kb)
August 2020 Download (xlsx, 109kb)
September 2020 Download (xlsx, 110kb)
October 2020 Download (xlsx, 111kb)
November 2020 Download (xlsx, 114kb)
December 2020 Download (xlsx, 114kb)