Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union Facility Time Data 2022/23 

The Council has a requirement under the Trade Union Facility Time Publication Requirements Regulations 2017 to report and publish data in relation to trade union facility time.  

Facility time is when an employee takes time off from their normal role to carry out their duties and activities as a trade union representative. 

Trade union duties are paid. Trade union activities can be paid or unpaid. Trade union representatives are entitled to reasonable paid time off to carry out trade union duties. They are not entitled to paid time off for trade union activities but an employer can choose to pay for this time. Below are some examples of trade union duties and activities: 

Examples of trade union duties 

  • duties connected with collective bargaining – for example, on terms and conditions of employment, redundancy, allocation of work 

  • taking part in a negotiation or consultation process – including meeting and corresponding with managers, and informing union members of progress and outcomes 

  • attending a disciplinary or grievance hearing, with trade unions, including allowing reasonable time to prepare 

  • attending training for the trade union representative role 


Examples of trade union activities 

  • discussing internal union matters 

  • dealing with internal administration of the union – for example, answering union correspondence meetings other than as part of the negotiating or consultation process 

Reportable Facility Time Data for 2022/23 

total number of trade union representatives employed - include employees who were not representatives for the full 12 months 

total full time equivalent number of representatives 

total amount of time representatives spent on facility time 

115.73 hours 

percentage of working hours each representative spent on paid facility time  

3.21%, 0.59%, 0.71%, 1.51% 

total cost of facility time  


total pay bill – for all employees not just union representatives 


percentage of total cost of facility time, divided by total pay bill 


Percentage of total facilities time spent on trade union activities