Community Governance Review

Useful documents

CGR First Consultation Index of Issues by Parish April 2018 (pdf, 11kb)

CGR First Consultation Summary of Draft Recommendations Document (pdf, 63kb)

Draft Recommendation maps (pdf, 12.1mb)

These maps show how the proposed changes will affect existing parish and other boundaries.

Draft Recommendations Annex 1 (pdf, 712kb) 
This contains detailed analysis of all representations and sets out in detail the issues considered, and Draft Recommendations for each issue.

Draft Recommendations Covering Report (pdf, 197kb)
This is the covering report to full Council on 26 April which considered the Draft Recommendations report

Draft Recommendations Annex 2 (pdf, 193kb)
Timetable for the Community Governance Review

Draft Recommendations Annex 3 (pdf, 141kb)
Glossary of Terms

Draft Recommendations Annex 4 (pdf, 34kb)
Current Parish information 


Terms of Reference (pdf, 199kb)

The terms of reference set out how the community governance review will be conducted.


Current parish boundaries map (pdf, 2.9mb)

This map shows the current parish boundaries in Test Valley.


Current parish boundaries and new borough ward boundaries map (pdf, 272kb)

This map shows the current parish boundaries, as well as the new borough ward boundaries which will come into effect in May 2019


Information on current parish arrangements (xlsx, 23kb)

This spreadsheet contains information on current parish arrangements, including number of parish councillors, and 2017 and 2022 electorate figures.


Responses to first consultation (pdf, 2.1mb)

The first period of consultation ran for 11 weeks from 13 November 2017 and to 29 January 2018. This period of consultation asked for proposals on changes to existing parish arrangements within Test Valley.
109 responses were received during the consultation period. Where consultation responses contain information that could lead to the identification of private individuals, this information has been anonymised or redacted.