Community Governance Review

How to submit your views

We would advise that you read the terms of reference before responding to the consultation. The terms of reference are available to download under Part twelve: Useful documents.


The Community Governance Review is now at the “Second Consultation” Stage, and we are seeking your views on:-

  • The Draft Recommendations prepared by the Council
  • Any further proposals which have not been included in the Draft Recommendations, which you feel should be considered by the Council;


All representations are welcomed; the Council is keen to hear from those wishing to support the Draft Recommendations, as well as comments seeking changes to those Recommendations.

The Council considered the “First Consultation” responses and determined its “Draft Recommendations” at a meeting of the Council on 26 April 2018. A copy of the report and other relevant documents is available here

It would be helpful if your response took into account the need to ensure that community governance arrangements in Test Valley:

  • Reflect the identities and interests of communities;
  • Provide for effective and convenient local governance.

It would also be helpful if your response was supported by evidence and examples of how current arrangements do not meet these needs.

You can respond to the consultation in the following ways:

Write to:

Community Governance Review (Chief Executive’s Service)

Test Valley Borough Council

Beech Hurst

Weyhill Road


SP10 3AJ


Send an email to:

If you have any questions about the community governance review, please contact Howard Bone, Senior Solicitor, on or 01264 368467.