Community Governance Review

Test Valley Borough Council is carrying out a community governance review.

A set of Draft Recommendations for changes to community governance (i.e. parish) arrangements in Test Valley has now been produced, following a first round of consultation. Changes proposed include boundary changes, changes to electoral boundaries, and similar matters. Full details are available under Part twelve: Useful documents.

A second round of consultation has now opened, running from 4 May to 6 July 2018, The Borough Council is now seeking views on

  • The Draft Recommendations prepared by the Council
  • Any further proposals which have not been included in the Draft Recommendations, which you feel should be considered by the Council;

All representations are welcomed; the Council is keen to hear from those wishing to support the Draft Recommendations, as well as comments seeking changes to those Recommendations.

The Council considered the “First Consultation” responses and determined its “Draft Recommendations” at a meeting of the Council on 26 April 2018. A copy of the report and other relevant documents on the Council’s Community Governance Review website:-

 The aim of the review is to ensure that community governance (i.e. parish) arrangements in Test Valley reflect the identities and interests of the borough’s communities, and are effective and convenient.

The review is being conducted in accordance with the terms of reference, which were agreed by Full Council on 8 November 2017. The terms of reference are available to download under Part twelve: Useful documents.

Provisional timetable for the review

The timetable below outlines the main stages of the review (please note that these dates may be subject to slight alteration).



First period of consultation 13 November 2017 – 29 January 2018 (11 weeks)

Publication of draft recommendations

4 May 2018

Second period of consultation

4 May – 6 July 2018 (9 weeks)

Final recommendations to full Council

September 2018

Preparation of community governance order (if required)

September 2018

Publication of recommendations (official end of review)

October 2018