If your drainage system fails

If your drainage system fails due to flooding

Sink and toilet bowls will be blocked or overflowing.

Immediately: Contact your insurance company for advice regarding appropriate steps you should take under your policy and what action your insurers will take to help you. For health advice contact the Borough Council's Housing and Environmental Health Service on 01264 368000.

Try to make alternative sanitary arrangements and minimise your use of water.

Type of system
What to do
Mains Sewers

Advise Southern Water/your service provider.

If necessary, householder will be provided with suitable alternative foul drainage by the water authorities, for example portaloos, but check with your local water company if you are concerned.

Call Southern Water on 0845 278 0845 or your service provider if not Southern Water.

Surface water drainage
Flooding can be caused by the sheer volume of water or indicate a blockage or maintenance problem with the system. Any flooding should be reported so that the flooding can be dealt with and the system checked for adequacy.
Report any surface water flooding to Hampshire County Council
Septic tank

If possible, temporarily block the outflow from the septic tank to the soakaway (a sandbag can be helpful) and use the tank as a cesspit.

Have the tank emptied before unblocking the outlet when the waters recede.

Contact your usual supplier for emptying your tank.

If your cesspit fails due to rising water, arrange for it to be emptied if possible.  If it fills up again, it will be with groundwater and floodwater; pollution due to foul water can be minimised.

Contact your usual supplier for emptying your cesspit.