Parish and Town Council Elections 2 May 2019 - Results

Abbey Ward of Romsey Town Council
BAILEY, Nickie Conservative Party 623  
BRAMLEY, Mark WIlliam Conservative Party 796  
CRITCHLEY, John David Liberal Democrats 1,077 Duly elected
CULLEY, Ian John Liberal Democrats 1,165 Duly elected
Daas, Nik Liberal Democrats 1,247 Duly elected
GREGGAINS, Mary Rosalie Conservative Party 715  
LAMB, Sally Ann Liberal Democrats 1,285 Duly elected
MICHELL, Nick Conservative Party 655  
SPEIRS, Peter David Conservative Party 520  
WILKINSON, Simon Peter Ronald Liberal Democrats 1,121 Duly elected
WINTON, Liz Conservative Party 703  
WISE, Claire Louise Liberal Democrats 1,175

Duly elected

Rejected ballots   40  
Turnout   45.65%  


 Abbots Ann Parish Council
COFFEY, Clare Marie   239 Duly elected
DOHERTY, Michael Richard Independent 208  
HAYTER, Andrew Timothy   212  
HOWARD, Gordon William   331 Duly elected
JONES, Anne Helen   268 Duly elected
JORDAN, Andy   240 Duly elected
PERKIN, David George Independent 281 Duly elected
ROBERTS, Patrick Ian   231 Duly elected
WALLIS, Christopher Julian   252 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   8  
Turnout   47.41%  


Cupernham Ward of Romsey Town Council
BAVERSTOCK, Dorothy Liberal Democrats 833 Duly elected
BURNAGE, Janet Louise Liberal Democrats 732 Duly elected
GWYNNE, Neil Alan Liberal Democrats 644 Duly elected
HIBBERD, Ian Independent 292  
RAY, John Anthony William Conservative Party 480 Duly elected
WARD, Michael Edmund Liberal Democrats 473  
Rejected ballots   6  
Turnout   39.77%  


Downlands Ward of Andover Town Council
BUCKENHAM, Adam Independent 289  
COOLE, Joanne Andover Alliance 396 Duly elected
FITCHET, Andrew David Independent 383 Duly elected
FORT, Stephen Lee Andover Alliance 299  
Rejected ballots   36  
Turnout   25.63%  


Harroway Ward of Andover Town Council
BANVILLE, Lauren Hester Mary Andover Alliance 836 Duly elected
DAY, Dorothy May Andover Alliance 848 Duly elected
GREGORI, Luigi Stefano John Liberal Democrats 768  
HUGHES, Robin Liberal Democrats 754  
MSONTHI, Josephine Hazel Iris Liberal Democrats 659  
POND, Veronika Joan Independent 409  
SCOTT, Peter Andover Alliance 831 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   92  
Turnout   28.67%  


Nursling and Rownhams Parish Council
ANDERDON, Nige   742 Duly elected
BROOMFIELD, Holly Lisa Independent 656 Duly elected
BULPIT, Alan   659 Duly elected
BUNDY, Phil   849 Duly elected
DUKES, Pauline Beryl   249  
HARDING, Mark Edward   536 Duly elected
LINES, Jo   709 Duly elected
MALTBY, Mike   306 Duly elected
PAINTING, Hilary Independent 509 Duly elected
RICHARDS, Brian David   247  
SPOONER, Daniel   504 Duly elected
SWAIN, Terese Ann   690 Duly elected
WILLIAMS, Stephen Andrew   613 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   23  
Turnout   32.82%  


Romans Ward of Andover Town Council
CARPENTER, Barbara Liberal Democrats 571  
COOLE, David Andover Alliance 605 Duly elected
DAVIS, Graeme Stephen Andover Alliance 605 Duly elected
HARDSTAFF, Steven Thomas Independent 282  
HUGHES, Kevin Paul Liberal Democrats 491  
KIDD, Richard Jeremy Liberal Democrats 460  
TREADWELL, David Graham Andover Alliance 642 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   66  
Turnout   25.93%  


Romsey Extra Parish Council
ASKEY, Lynne Conservative Party 566  
BAVERSTOCK, Dorothy Liberal Democrats 787 Duly elected
BROOKS, Erik Independent 243  
BURNAGE, Janet Louise Liberal Democrats 684 Duly elected
CAIRNEY, Janet Marie Liberal Democrats 630 Duly elected
COOPER, Mark Geoffrey Liberal Democrats 738 Duly elected
GRIFFITHS, Philip Labour Party 156  
HAYES, Simon Alexander Conservative Party 512  
HIBBERD, Ian Independent 353  
HIBBERD, Teresa Ann Independent 277  
MASLEN, Dave Conservative Party 512  
PARKER, John Stephen Liberal Democrats 716 Duly elected
SOUTHEY, Matthew Liberal Democrats 607 Duly elected
TIPPETT, Susan Anne Liberal Democrats 707 Duly elected
WHITELEY, Janett Conservative Party 534  
Rejected   4  
Turnout   38.09%  


St Mary's Ward of Andover Town Council
BIRD, Katherine Anne Liberal Democrat 485  
FARRER, Kevin Andover Alliance 756 Duly elected
JAMES, Michael Phillip Andover Alliance 770 Duly elected
LONG, Barbara Independent 491  
MUMFORD, Michael Joseph Independent 433  
THORP, Victoria Jane Alma Andover Alliance 711 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   60  
Turnout   26.64%  


Tadburn Ward of Romsey Town Council
CAIRNEY, Janet Marie Liberal Democrats 924 Duly elected
COOPER, Mark Geoffrey Liberal Democrats 1,207 Duly elected
CURTIS, Mike Independent 346  
DUNLEAVEY, Karen Linda Liberal Democrats 1,010 Duly elected
MASLEN, Dave Conservative Party 626  
PARKER, John Stephen Liberal Democrats 1,018 Duly elected
RICHARDS, Ian McNeil Conservative Party 681  
SOUTHEY, Matthew Liberal Democrats 883 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   25  


Wellow Parish Council
BRAR, Harmeet Singh   244 Duly elected
CHESTERTON-KAY, Edmund Stanley   590 Duly elected
CHESTERTON-KAY, Gaye   609 Duly elected
CLARK, Alan Smythe   573 Duly elected
CRAIG, Christopher Leonard   464 Duly elected
GRANT, Trevor   207  
JONES, Michael Kenneth   545 Duly elected
JONES, Susan Anne   571 Duly elected
LIGHT, Richard James   364 Duly elected
MILLARD, Richard John Independent 498 Duly elected
PAYNE, Charles Kimber   341 Duly elected
PERKINS, Michael Harrison Labour Party 220  
STEHR, Philip William   406 Duly elected
Rejected ballots   13  
Turnout   41.3%