Council Statement - sale of the edited electoral roll

Test Valley Borough Council does not market the edited electoral roll (also known as the edited electoral register). The edited roll contains the names and addresses of those residents who did not take the decision to opt out when completing the annual electoral registration form or when applying subsequently.

In Test Valley some 66 percent of electors opted out. If asked for the edited electoral roll the council is legally obliged to provide a copy, which can be used by anyone for any purpose. The charges for doing so are set by central government and do not cover the council’s cost in providing the information.

The full list of registered electors is used for elections. It also has to be provided on demand to political parties and to the police to help prevent and detect crime. Credit reference agencies have the right to purchase the full list to check applications for loans and credit. These agencies are then within their rights to sell the list onto third parties but include only those names from the edited element of the register. The Council has no control over this practice.

Test Valley Borough Council