Household Support Fund

What is the Household Support Fund?

The Household Support Fund is aimed at anyone who is vulnerable or cannot pay for essentials.  It could help if you are struggling to pay for things such as housing costs, energy and water bills, food and other essential items.

The council has funding which will be issued in the form of food vouchers to specific households. We will contact you if you are eligible for food vouchers. You do not need to apply.

The council also has funding to support those struggling with housing costs, and where there is no other help available. 

You do not have to be getting universal credit, or any other benefits, to qualify for support.

If you have a rent to pay and you are struggling to meet your housing costs, you could apply for a one-off grant of £125.

How much is the grant?

The grant is a one-off payment of £125 per household. 

How would I qualify for the grant?

You must be a resident of Test Valley. If you do not live within Test Valley you will not be eligible for the grant and any application you make will not be successful. 

You must be paying for the place where you live and you will need to show us that you are finding it difficult to meet these costs.

How do I apply for the grant?

To apply for the grant, you must complete the online application form and upload the documents requested via My Council Services.
Household Support Fund Application

When can I make my application?

The Scheme will open for applications on Friday 3 March 2023 and close on Tuesday 21 March 2023.  Applications received outside of these dates will not be considered. 

If we receive a very large number of applications, we may need to close the scheme before 21 March 2023.

What documents do I need to provide?

When making your application you will need to upload ID and proof of your rent liability/accommodation costs.  This could be a tenancy agreement or a rent statement. If you are a social housing tenant with an app you may send a screen shot of this, as long as it shows your name and address.

We will not be able to consider any applications that have been made without the correct documents, so please make sure you include them.

How long will it take to hear the outcome of my application?

You will hear about the outcome of your application within 28 days of making it.  If your application is successful, you will receive your grant within 28 days of being notified of your success. 

How do I receive the grant?

The grant can be paid directly into your bank account, or we can pay it directly to your landlord.  If neither of these options will work for you, we will work with you to find a solution. The grant cannot be paid to a mortgage company or support with mortgage costs. 

Will I definitely get a grant?

There is limited funded available, so applications will be assessed in date order of us receiving them.  If you meet all the criteria and provide all the documents required and funding is still available, then you will receive a grant. 

Will you speak to my landlord?

We will not speak to your landlord regarding your application.  If we think we need to speak to your landlord, we will discuss this with you first and gain your explicit consent.