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Bus Shelter and Car Park Ticket Machine Shelter Advertising Concessions
Returns by 8 September 2017 at midday

Charlton Boating Lake
Returns by 6 September 2017 at 13:00

Roof Refurbishment
Returns by 4 August 2017 at midday


Previous Tenders 2017

July 2017

Bid Ballot Support

Now Expired (20 July 2017)


April 2017

Bank Revetment Replacement, Memorial Park

Now expired (31 May 2017)


March 2017

Solar PV, Portway Depot

Now Expired (19th April 2017)

Roofing Works - The Lights

Now Expired (22 March 2017)

February 2017

Provision of Bus Shelters and Associated Services (PIN)

Now Expired (01 March 2017)

Roofing Works - Portway Depot

Now Expired (08 March 2017)

Roofing Works - The Lights

Now Expired (22 March 2017)

January 2017

Vehicle Purchase - Tipper

Now Expired (20 January 2017)

Previous Tenders 2016

November 2016

Tractor Driven Composting Machine

Now Expired (18 November 2016)

September 2016

Management of Fishlake Meadows Nature Reserve

Now Expired (21 October 2016)


August 2016

De-silting, Re-establishment of correct water levels, and Ecological Enhancement of the Boating Lake at Charlton Sports Ground

Now Expired (31 August 2016)

May 2016

Cleaning, Painting, and Staining, and General Repairs of Play Areas and Multi-Use Games Areas

Now Expired (8 June 2016)

April 2016

Supply, and Installation, of Perimeter Fencing at Play Areas at Four Sites throughout the Borough

Now Expired (25 May 2016)

Gypsies, Travellers & Travelling Showpeople Needs Assessment

Now Expired (13 May 2016)

Supply, and Installation, of Safety Surfacing for Play Areas - Surfacing 1 and 2

Now Expired (1 June 2016)

January 2016

Appointment of independent consultants to undertake functional and financial needs appraisals for planning applications related to new temporary and permanent rural workers accommodation, and new rural development

Now Expired (19 February 2016)

Felling and extraction of large trees alongside a canal and within a wetland site

Now Expired (13 January)

Previous Tenders 2015

December 2015

Vehicle Purchase - 5.0 tonne Tipper

Now Expired (18 December)

Repairs and refurbishment of a light industrial unit

Now Expired (11 December)

November 2015

Leisure Contract Procurement (Updated 27/11)

Now Expired (8 December 2015)

May 15

Renovation of Cricket Net Facility at Romsey Sports Centre

Now Expired (8 July 2015)

April 15

Artificial Turf Pitch Refurbishment : Knightwood Leisure Centre

Now Expired (15 May 2015)

January 2015

Structural Engineers Contract

Now Expired (19 February 2015)

Previous Tenders 2014

December 2014

Framework for the Provision of Operational Temporary Agency Staff

Now Expired (12th January 2015)

November 2014

Vehicle Purchase - Two Heavy Tractors

Now Expired (12th December 2014)

Procurement Consultancy Support for Leisure Management Contract

Now Expired (12th December 2014)

October 2014

CCTV, Fire and Intruder Alarm Servicing and Reactive Response

Now Expired (30th October 2014)


Romsey Rapids Poolside Safety Flooring

Now Expired (3rd November 2014)

July 2014

Contract for Planned Servicing and Reactive Repairs to Boilers and Controls

Now Expired (21st July 2014)


April 2014

Beech Hurst Catering Contract 2014

Now Expired (22nd May 2014)


March 2014

Town Centre Management Service

Now Expired (28th March 2014)

January 2014

Management of Romsey Sports Centre

Now Expired (17th February 2014)


Vehicle Purchase – Bank Tractor

Now Expired (5th February 2014)

Previous Tenders 2013

November 2013


Preparation of a Sport and Recreation Strategy including an updated playing pitch strategy

Now Expired (18th December 2013)

Urban Sports Facility - Smannell Road, Andover

Now Expired (20th December 2013)

October 2013

Proposed Replacement of Hot water System at Charlton Leisure Centre

Now Expired (7th November 2013)


August 2013

Supply of Vehicle Consumables

Now Expired (16th September 2013)


May 2013

Careful removal of existing fixed stage light bars. Supply and installation of new winches, light bars and controls – The Lights, West Street, Andover SP10 1DH

Now Expired (7th June 2013)


Resurfacing of Romsey and Abbey Tennis Courts and Andover Athletics Track

Now Expired (21st June 2013)

January 2013

Tender for Steel Fabrication and erection including design – Beech Hurst Bridges

Now Expired (25th January 2013)

Previous Tenders 2012

February 2012

Tender for the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras and recording facilities (updated 06/03/12)

Now expired (23 March 2012)

July 2012

Tender for an Agenda Management System to assist areas of work within Democratic Services including producing agendas and minutes for council meetings, and other functions within the Service.

Now expired (03 August 2012)

September 2012

Tender for the Replacement of Air Handling Unit at Romsey Rapids

Now Expired (11th October 2012)



October 2012

Tender for Trunk Road Litter Picking

Now Expired (22nd October 2012)

Knightwood Leisure Centre, Regional BMX Race track facility

Now Expired (9th November 2012)