Environmental Improvements

The Environmental Improvements Working Group looked at actions to enhance the town centre environment including planting, street furniture and improvements to the Upper High Street.

The working group undertook two community street audits to investigate issues raised at the Summit relating to environmental improvements in Andover town centre.  The following actions have been agreed by the working group and are now being developed:

New Planting

  • More hanging baskets have been introduced in the town centre
  • More planting has been provided in the town centre, including the introduction of trees to the High Street and Bridge Street

Street Furniture

  • Phase 1 saw the Council remove almost 30 items of redundant street furniture to create a less cluttered town centre with easier access
  • Phase 2 will see:
  • Commence cleaning and refurbishing street furniture
  • Improve maintenance regime for street furniture
  • Undertake an audit of existing cycle racks
  • Produce guidelines including colour schemes and furniture styles to ensure improvements to the town are consistent

Town Centre Decoration

  • Work with the Chantry Centre to develop a way to create banners, or paint the large concrete sections of the Chantry Centre
  • Enhance the Old Town Jail so it becomes more of an attractive feature
  • Introduce bunting and/or flags to the High Street

Other Recommendations

  • Work with Hampshire County Council on paving in the town centre
  • Support the creation of an online directory of businesses in the town centre
  • Liaise with landlords and letting agents regarding location and position of 'to let' signs on buildings

More details can be found in the Summit Successes document attached at the end of this page.  For information about the other working groups, please select the appropriate page to the left of the screen.