Parking and Signage Working Group

The Parking and Signage Working Group was created to review the current parking arrangements for the town centre and identify options to improve the signage leading to the town from the trunk road network.

The following actions have been agreed by the working group and are now being progressed and implemented:

FREE parking incentive schemes

  • A 'buy one hour get one free' parking incentive in the run up to Christmas.  Following on from the successful launch of the scheme in 2013 the Council ran the scheme again for 2014
  • New ultra-short stay parking
  • Ultra-short stay or 'dash and go' parking implemented
  • Hampshire County Council consulted on highway enhancements to Chantry Street and Newbury Street due to be carried out in 2015
  • Improved loading bay to be provided to better meet the needs of retailers.

New Signage

  • New boundary signs to welcome people at the entry points into Andover - installed July 2014
  • New and additional signage to attract potential passing visitors from the A303.

Parking payment improvements

  • Create a pilot scheme to improve provision for long stay workers in the town at a reduced rate - additional season ticket parking spaces introduced at a discounted rate
  • Investigate pay on foot parking in the Chantry Centre Car Park
  • Investigate the introduction of new methods to pay parking

More details can be found in the document attached at the end of this page.  For information about the other working groups, please select the appropriate page to the left of the screen.