Public Art Commission – Statues of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Local sculptor and portrait artist, Amy Goodman, was commissioned to create two life-size sculptures of Queen Elizabeth II as part of the Platinum Jubilee commemorations. These impressive pieces of public art, one representing the monarch early in her reign and the other in the later years, will be located at sites in Romsey and Andover respectively. The works are currently in progress and are expected to be in situ during 2024.

More information about the commission and statues

Public Engagement

Running alongside the development of the statues themselves, is a series of opportunities for Test Valley residents, and the communities in which the statues will be placed, to be involved in both their creation and design. This will include an opportunity for residents to comment on the final locations of the statues, which are yet to be determined.

The first of these open opportunities is at Andover’s Second Sundays market on Sunday 13 August, 10am to 3pm, Andover High St.

On the statues’ cloaks, Amy plans to inscribe pictures telling the story of some of the events that took place during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Residents and visitors to the engagement events are invited to contribute pictures and ideas for the cloaks.

A number of sessions have already taken place in primary schools across the borough.

Further details of the engagement activities planned for both Andover and Romsey, will be added to this page over the coming weeks.