Public space protection order: Dogs

After consultation the Council has renewed and slightly amended its Public Spaces Protection Order covering dog control.  This Order, made on 16 June 2023, replaces a previous Public Spaces Protection Order made in 2020 and, in broad terms, the effect of this Public Spaces Protection Order is to:

  • Require every person in charge of a dog to pick up dog faeces after their dog fouls, and properly dispose of it – this applies to all public places to which the public have access (including all public parks, pavements, footpaths etc).
  • Prohibit any person from taking their dog in to any enclosed children’s play area or any enclosed sports facility.
  • Enable a police officer or other authorised person to direct a person in charge of a dog to put the dog on a lead if restraint is considered reasonably necessary (for the purposes of preventing nuisance or behaviour by the dog that is likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to any other person, or to a bird or another animal).

These provisions are subject to some exemptions, for example applicable to people with certain disabilities and in respect of assistance dogs.  There are also general defences of having ‘reasonable excuse’ and/or having the permission of the owner / occupier of the land where applicable.

Signs have been placed in various areas throughout the Borough to notify members of the public that restrictions are in place.  Individuals who break the prohibitions could receive a £100 penalty or may be liable for prosecution.

The Order is available to download from the document section on this page.