Children and Young People

Help and Information regarding the protection, safety, health and wellbeing of children and young persons

Child Safety and Accident Reduction
We have produced in partnership with other education and emergency services to the Thinksafe website which provides activities, advice and information for children on safety.

Childrens Accidents
Most accidents involving children, especially under 5's happen in the home. This is because children spend most of their time here and love to explore as they grow and develop, but sometimes this can result in an accident.

The most common room for an accident to happen is not the kitchen, as some might think, but the living room, and the most common type of accident is a trip or a fall.

Burns and scalds can cause some of the worst injuries for children, often with long term consequences due to scarring of the skin.

Remember :

  • Always run cold water into the bath first and then add hot water to the right temperature.
  • Always watch over young children in the bath, they may turn hot taps on, or slip under the water.
  • Place hot drinks, kettles, saucepans out of reach of exploring young hands. A hot drink can still scald a young child's skin for a long time after it has been made.

Children in Cars
Many children are injured within 5 miles of their own home, usually because they are not wearing a seat belt or sitting in a suitable car seat.

Did you know that adult car seats are designed for people who are 5 feet tall or over? Adult seat belts tend to rest on a child's stomach and neck instead of the pelvis and shoulder. A booster seat positions the seat belt correctly making it safer and more comfortable. It is better to use an adult seat belt than no restraint at all, but a booster seat should be used until your child is 5 feet tall or reaches the age of 11 years.

Holding a child unrestrained on your lap in a 30 mph crash would need the same strength as lifting eight bags of cement!

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