Abbotswood Nature Reserve

Conservation aims

As well as providing ideal habitats for newts, the site is also home to a wealth of other wildlife, including birds, butterflies and mammals such as bats and hedgehogs. The site also boasts 14 veteran oak trees, estimated to be over 300 years old, with 30 more noted as ‘potential veterans of the future’. Each a home to a variety of different species of insects, mammals and fungi, they are a hugely valuable part of the site. Ongoing management of the site will aim to maintain and enhance existing habitats for the benefit of the wildlife which reside there.

Management will also aim to enhance the experience of visitors, providing access to the countryside and opportunities for learning and research. The benefits of green spaces to both mental and physical health are being increasingly recognised, with more emphasis being placed on incorporating green spaces within our urban areas. Abbotswood Nature Reserve is seen as a highly valuable asset to the local community, and will be protected through practical conservation management.

For more information on the management of Abbotswood Nature Reserve and green spaces throughout the development, please see the Abbotswood Management Plan.
Abbotswood Management Plan 2020-2030

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