Abbotswood Nature Reserve

Useful information

Due to the geography of the site, much of the site can be flooded particularly after heavy rain and during the autumn and winter months. Visitors are therefore advised to bring suitable footwear, and to follow permissive paths highlighted on the map.

Please note that no fishing is permitted in any of the ponds within the Abbotswood Nature Reserve or the development due to the sensitive nature of the site.

Dogs must be kept under effective control at all times around the Abbotswood development and within the Nature Reserve, especially during the spring and summer months when there is a greater risk of disturbance to ground nesting birds and other wildlife on site during this period. We also kindly request all dog waste to be picked up and disposed of in the bins located throughout the site.

Dog owners are also kindly requested to not allow their dogs to swim in any of the ponds on site. This is for their own safety, as well as to protect great crested newts and other wildlife from disturbance.

We encourage visitors to use keep their local green spaces tidy and free from litter. Please use the dual-use bins provided on site for both litter and dog waste.