Tadburn Meadows Local Nature Reserve

Conservation aims

The management objective for Tadburn Meadows LNR is to maintain and enhance the site for the benefit of native flora and fauna, and also to provide a site in which local residents have access to and can enjoy nature. Management practices will therefore be employed to ensure longevity and increase the biodiversity of the site, as well as to facilitate public access where feasible. More information on the management of the site can be viewed in the latest Tadburn Meadows Management Plan.

Conservation team at Tadburn meadows

There have been a number of exciting new projects taking place on site in recent years. A new wildflower meadow has been planted using wildflower turf at Tadburn Meadows Local Nature Reserve, adjacent to the play area within the formal greenspace. The first phase was planting in March 2017, with the second area planted in March 2018 following the success of the first phase. This will encourage a variety of insects and birds to visit the open amenity grassland on the site.