Travel to and from Augusta Park

Bus travel

There are now two bus services to Augusta Park.  A new bus service by Wheelers Travel, now operates in the East Anton area, connecting Augusta Park with Andover town.  This service operates every hour from the bus stop on East Anton Farm Road. Stagecoach also operates and picks up from the bus stop on Icknield Way and East Anton Road. As the development grows, further bus stops will be located within the development. The aspiration is that no house will be more than about 300 metres or 4 minutes walk from a bus stop and all stops will be equipped with a shelter, timetable and route information.

Residents living within Augusta Park can apply for up to 1 years worth of subsidised bus travel. The bus pass costs £10 for 3 months and can be used for unlimited travel on Andover town bus services provided by Wheelers. The passes are limited to 1 per household (on the first occupation) on a first-come first-served basis until funds are depleted. The bus pass is transferable between members of the same household and can be used during bus operating hours to access key services and facilities within the town.  For details of how to apply please see the links on this page.

Walking and cycling

As part of the Community Travel Plan each household, on first occupation, within the Augusta Park development is entitled to receive a £50 Halfords bicycle voucher from Taylor Wimpey developers. This is for the purchase of bicycles and associated safety equipment from the ‘Bike Hut’ in Halfords at Enham Arch Retail Park. Application forms are available from the Taylor Wimpey sales office.

Resident Community Travel Plan

The Community Travel plan for the East Anton area has been prepared for George Wimpey UK Ltd and Taylor Woodrow Developments Ltd, who have been working closely with Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) and Hampshire County Council (HCC).

Information has been sought from residents periodically since 2010 to build up a picture of journeys from Augusta Park and confirm whether the planned infrastructure (e.g cycle & foot paths, crossings and planned bus routes) will be effective. This will help us highlight any barriers to making a journey and if there are obstacles to using a ‘greener way’ of travel. This exercise will be repeated to take account of the views and travel habits of the most recent occupants.

The Travel Plan aims to:

  • Inform new residents of the sustainable travel choices available
  • Influence how journeys are made by making sustainable travel easier and more effective
  • Include residents in the monitoring of travel behaviour and enabling feedback to the developers and the Council
  • Improve the transport network and facilities in response to the monitoring and feedback received.

For more information please contact Kristina Choules, Community Development Worker for Augusta Park.