Frequently Asked Questions - Augusta Park

How long will it be until all the houses are built?

The Council does not know when development of all the 2,500 houses will be completed as this will depend on housing market conditions. The Developers at Augusta Park and the Council currently anticipate that the development will be built at a rate of approximately 180 houses per year. If that rate of building continued throughout the life of the development, construction would continue until the end of 2022.

Why isn’t there more off-road parking, reducing the need for people to park on the road side?

The amount of off street parking provided meets the current maximum car parking standard for residential development. We understand that it is sometimes more convenient to park a car on the road than in the space(s) provided for each property but request residents to use their allotted car parking spaces/garages to park their car in.

Cars parked on roads and pavements make it difficult for pedestrians to walk safely and can be dangerous, especially for children. Buses and emergency vehicles such as fire engines could also find it difficult to access some roads/houses, where residents have parked inconsiderately.
Parked vehicles which are causing an obstruction at road junctions should be reported to the Police using the 101 number.

Why aren't the roads around the development gritted in icy weather?

At the current time, prior to roads being adopted by Hampshire County Council (HCC) as highways maintainable at the public’s expense, the responsibility for the maintenance of the roads/footways and foot/cycle ways rests with the developer, who has provided grit bins for residents to use around the development. In respect of the residential streets, you can ask HCC to provide salt bins, either directly or through Andover Town Council.

Once the roads are adopted by HCC, priority is given to gritting key transport routes and not residential streets. This is consistent with the approach across Hampshire.

Why are there no pavements in some parts of Augusta Park?

These roads are specifically designed to encourage a slow vehicle speed as they are a surface where pedestrians, cyclists and drivers share the same space.

Why is Augusta Road a no through road?

We wanted to keep the original straight Roman Road as a highway but because of it being straight, we needed to do something to keep vehicle speeds down. We decide to do this by reducing the length of straight sections, which coupled with the detailed design, will hopefully achieve reduced speeds.

Will there be a shop to serve the community?

Two local centres are proposed to serve the new community, one in the northern part of the site and the other to the south of Smannell Road. In both centres land will be reserved for retail uses, including a convenience goods (food) store. The developer is only required to market the land for retail uses and does not have to construct the buildings. The northern local centre site is subject to a current planning application and the southern local centre will be marketed when 300 homes have been occupied to the south of Smannell Road.

Will there be a new Health Centre for the development?

Within the proposed local centre in the southern part of the development (to the south of Smannell Road) land will be reserved for a variety of uses, including a health centre, place of worship, day nursery, public house, shops and offices. The developer is only required to market the land for these uses and does not have to construct the buildings. The land will be marketed when 300 homes have been occupied to the south of Smannell Road.

What can be done to stop people leaving rubbish bins out after collection on Thursdays?

This is a common problem in Test Valley and indeed across the country. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 states that householders should not store their bins on public rights of way as it acknowledges that they can cause disruption to people in wheelchairs and people moving push chairs etc. Instead they should be left out the day before and collected within a day of a collection. There are other reasons why bins on pavements are a problem ~ they are an eye sore and can be damaged, lost or filled up by people going past them. Test Valley Borough Council contacts households not complying in this way, but unfortunately there is no enforcement action the Council can take so we aim to encourage people to comply with this request by appealing to their better nature. We are aware that some householders have nowhere to store their bins (i.e. no useable space in their front garden and no access to a back garden) and there is little that TVBC can do to help here. Where changes can be made, some households have put slabs in their front garden to create a storage area for their bins and this works well. This is a very small number of properties and it is important that other householders do not use this as an excuse to not put their bins away either - please act considerately and try to be a good neighbour whenever possible.

Will there be a secondary school at East Anton?

Hampshire County Council has confirmed that there is no requirement for a secondary school on the East Anton development. The developer is therefore free to develop the land which was safeguarded for a secondary school for an alternative use (a planning application will be required).

Why isn't there a post box on Augusta Park?

The Council has contacted Royal Mail about the provision of post boxes on Augusta Park. Royal Mail has confirmed that the two existing post boxes located in Roman Way and Smannell Road are appropriate to serve the needs of Augusta Park according to their standards so at this stage they are not intending to install any more. Royal Mail only installs new post boxes by request so the Council will contact them again in the future as the development progresses to see if any are needed as the size of the community continues to grow.

When will Augusta Park have more pick ups on the bus route?

The bus route to Augusta Park will extend through the site as houses and residential areas are completed and occupied. Eventually, Augusta Park will have its own bus service run on one of two routes depending upon the time of day. The core routes will be:-

  • Augusta Park – Cricketers Way Arch – Andover Bus Station – Andover Rail Station.
  • Augusta Park – Walworth Industrial Estate – Winton School – Andover Bus Station.

The new routing is also dependant upon the completion of the bus-only link between Cricketers Way and Rivers Way.  The bus service will evolve alongside the scale and population of Augusta Park to ensure the best use of resources.

When will the Community Playing Fields be ready for use?

The sports pitches are already laid out and should be ready for use in September 2015.  This is subject to completion of the pavilion and transfer to Test Valley Borough Council.

For more information, contact community&