Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams Ward Profile


Ward profiles have been developed for each of the 24 ward areas in Test Valley. The profiles aim to provide consistent information about local communities across the borough. It is hoped that these profiles will allow a greater understanding of your local area and help to identify priorities for the community.

Below you will find a detailed ward profile for Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams. If you would like further information about a specific area or data set, please contact the Policy Team on 01264 368000 or and we will work with you to provide a more detailed profile.

'Ward' is a term used by the Council and other public sector bodies to define an area. Each ward has at least one Borough Councillor who has been elected by the people who live in that ward to represent their views.


The ward of Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams covers 2,229 hectares in the south-east of
Test Valley.

The M27 runs through the ward from east to west, connecting to the M3 on the eastern edge and the A31 in the New Forest to the west.

Whilst Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams are placed together to make up the ward (which is a boundary used by the local authority and other public sector organisations), there is a distinct difference between the communities which live in Chilworth, and those which live in Nursling and Rownhams.


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  • Chilworth Science Park
  • St Denys Church
  • Chilworth, Nursling & Rownhams