Facilities at Picket Twenty

As part of the S106 legal agreement, the developers will provide 3 hectares of land for a local centre site for community facilities which will include:

Land will be marketed by the developers and tenders are submitted by any interested parties from 250 occupations for the following additional uses:

  • Retail Shop
  • GP/ Health Centre
  • Public House
  • Employment (e.g. Offices).

Other facilities will be provided away from the local centre, including:

  • A MUGA (multi use games area) play area will be situated near the school site.
  • An urban Park area will comprise of seven football pitches (five replacement pitches relocated from Walworth Sports Ground & two additional football pitches), a cricket pitch, sports pavilion - changing rooms, tennis court and public open space - this is at 400 occupations.
  • Informal recreation areas and equipped play areas will be provided throughout the development as the number of occupations grow.
  • A bus and cycle underpass on the A3093.
  • A footbridge over the A3093.

Following requests from residents, Persimmon Developers have funded two bins at the development. There is a black bin on Picket Twenty Way, which is not fixed so it can be moved if it isn't used, and a red dog bin positioned by the cycle path. It is hoped that providing these bins will encourage residents to dispose of bagged dog mess appropriately.

For more information, contact Jenny Brain, Community Development Worker for Picket Twenty.


  • Pilgrims Cross CE Aided Primary School