Updates from Test Valley Borough Council & Persimmon Homes in response to resident concerns

Updates from Test Valley Borough Council & Persimmon Homes in response to resident concerns

Test Valley Borough Council have recently been made aware of a number of concerns from residents with regards the infrastructure on the development. We wish to address these and provide residents with the reassurance that we are looking at approaches to remedy these and work with organisations responsible for delivery.
Please can we request that if residents have concerns that they are flagged up via the Community Development Worker Jenny Brain, the St Marys Ward Cllrs, or the PTCA Facebook page. This is so that TVBC are then aware of issues and can respond proactively and in a timely manner to prevent escalations of these problems causing frustrations to residents.


There has been concerns raised about the degradation of the road surface along the first stretch of Picket Twenty Way at the entrance to the development from the A3093 direction. The damage includes loose and lost cobbles as well as rutting where many heavy vehicles have passed over, in particular on the eastbound lane of Picket Twenty Way. Test Valley Borough Council are aware of the damaged road surface and it has been reported to Persimmon Homes for their attention.
However, this issue is further exacerbated by the majority of traffic being forced to use this lane due to vehicles being parked on the opposite side of this main thoroughfare and bus route, which should be kept clear and free from parked cars at all times.


This is an ongoing issue for many residents but can only be resolved by residents themselves using their allocated parking spaces and parking with consideration for other roads users and pedestrians. Considerate and safe parking includes not parking on or too close to junctions or bends, not parking on or partly on pavements, not parking at or opposite bus stops or along bus routes, including the main entrance from the direction A3093 along Picket Twenty Way.

Persimmon Homes Statement for Picket Twenty Residents Meeting. Friday 15th January 2016.

Persimmon Homes would like to thank the Picket Twenty residents for the invitation to participate in their residents meeting on Friday 15th January 2016. Unfortunately, given the time and relatively short notice of the meeting, we do not have any members of the team with the sufficient technical knowledge of the issues available to attend. I am, however, able to provide an update and clarification on a number of issues we are advised are to be discussed at the meeting.

Surface water

On reopening the office on 04 January 2016 Persimmon was made aware of the excess surface water on parts of the site that had accumulated over the Christmas period due to the unusually high amount of rainfall. The excess water on the carriageway is usually pumped away by the road cleaning machine but this was understandably not operational during the Christmas period. This issue was resolved within three days.
Due to the final specification of the road in the areas affected being porous paving there may be some localised, but minor, areas of surface water until the final surface is installed. This is because the road surface cannot be completed until construction traffic levels have been reduced. There are temporary gullies in place that are designed to be used in conjunction with the road sweepers, but given the volume of recent rainfall, were unable to deal with the recent volume of water on their own.
The gullies have been re-inspected this week and although there was a fine layer of silt which could be seen, the gullies were not blocked and water could permeate through. The silt sits on top of a membrane to ensure silt does not permeate through to the lower layers of drainage measures and cause blockages.

Street lighting

Persimmon is aware of some issues with regard to street lighting at the site. We are currently working with Scottish Southern Electric and our contactors with regard to repairing the existing lighting and the erection of the remaining lighting. If residents notice any of the street lighting not operational it would be beneficial if they could report this to our Customer Care department on 01329 514300.

Retail unit(s), Public House, Doctor’s Surgery and Nursery

As you are no doubt aware, Persimmon has built and delivered the community centre and primary school. The nursery site has been sold to an end user and is also rapidly moving forward towards delivery.
Persimmon is aware of their obligations with regard to their part in the delivery of the retail unit, public house and doctor’s surgery. These elements have, for some considerable time, been marketed at a national, regional and local level by the Marketing Agents nominated by Persimmon Homes. From carrying out this exercise it has become clear there needs to be a sufficient quantum of housing in order to make such uses viable to the end user. The end user and use of these units is dependant upon the market and whilst Persimmon is fulfilling their obligations we cannot influence when and by whom these units are occupied.
Although the doctor’s surgery and public house have been marketed for some time there have been no formal offers or indications of firm interest received. The interest in these units may increase should a favourable recommendation for the additional units at the extension land be forthcoming. The pub site has been available for development for some time, subject to planning approval, with the doctor’s surgery available for use later this year.
With regard to the retail unit, within the last few weeks we have received an indication of firm interest from a food retailer in light of the fact the development is reaching the required number of units for a retail use to be viable which we are advised to be in excess of 1200 units. Persimmon hopes to enter into a contract with this retailer and submit a planning application in order for the units to be constructed. This is envisaged to be submitted within the next three months for which we intend to undertake a public exhibition. Based on the initial negotiations the proposal is likely to comprise one medium sized retail store and three smaller retail units.

Adoption of open space and associated facilities

The process of adoption of areas of open space and play facilities has begun with Test Valley Borough Council, however, due to the legal nature of the transfer the process is not immediate. The play area within phase 1a has already been transferred with the open space within phase 1b, phase 3, Harewood Common, Urban Park and Sports Pavilion currently being in the process of being handed over to the Local Authority. Negotiations to transfer the applicable roads and sewers are also underway.

Closing comments

Picket Twenty is a large development site, providing over 1200 residential houses in the local area as well as well as providing substantial amounts of infrastructure and community facilities. As such, a site of this scale will always take a significant amount of time to complete and as part of this there is bound to be some minor disruptions. Notwithstanding this, the development has, to date, provided approximately 800 dwellings, open space, community facilities, primary school and play areas, amongst other benefits. Going forward the outstanding issues and requirements at the site are in the process of being addressed. Persimmon is aware of some disruption to the local residents but also thank you for understanding and patience in these matters.
If, further to the above, any specific questions from the meeting arise, Persimmon would welcome the opportunity to answer these if possible. Any questions can be sent to the Technical Department, Persimmon Homes South Coast, 100 Wickham Road, Fareham, PO16 7HT.