Tadburn Meadows - Play Area Consultation

An initial consultation was carried for a proposed new play area at Tadburn Meadows in 2014. On the basis of this consultation, Proludic was appointed as the contractor and a design developed.

The design pays very close attention to the results of this initial consultation and is highly sympathetic to the site. The wooden Robinia play equipment is from Proludic’s Origin range and reproduces the very essence of nature has to offer – a forest walk, crossing a stream over stepping logs and fallen tree trunks, exploring trails that will take you climbing, sliding and observing the surroundings. The design solution will enable children to explore and play within a natural setting.

Following concerns raised, by certain local residents, prior to installation, an event was organised to further consult local residents and visitors to the open space as to whether they supported this new facility.

The results of the latest consultation have demonstrated that the there is significant support for the installation of this facility.

See Plans below:

Please Note: The specific siting of the play area, within the open space, is yet to be finalised but will be located towards the centre of the open space (as approximately laid out on the consultation event day) with the perimeter fence being, at least 2 metres away from the wooded area.

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