Community Governance Review 2021

What is the area under review?

Romsey Town Council

The proposal from Romsey Town Council which has led to this CGR is to extend the boundaries of Romsey Town. Romsey Town is entirely surrounded by Romsey Extra parish, and therefore the area within the scope of the review has been set as the area covered by two parishes of Romsey Town and Romsey Extra Parishes.

Romsey Town Council has clarified that it is seeking to extend its boundaries so that the Romsey Town covers the same area as the three Test Valley Borough Council Romsey Wards (Abbey, Cupernham and Tadburn).

A document setting out possible options for governance arrangements has been prepared and is available to download under Part twelve: Useful documents.  This document will assist those who wish to respond and participate in the CGR. Representations will be welcomed from adjacent parishes who might be affected if one of these options were to be implemented

Although the area under review is limited to Romsey and Romsey Extra parishes, anyone (regardless of where they live or work) can submit representations on the review. Representations are NOT limited to those who live or work in these two parishes.

Valley Park Parish Council

The parishes of Valley Park are the areas covered by this Review.