Community Governance Review 2021

Romsey Town Council has formally requested that the Borough Council review the boundaries of Romsey Parish [Romsey Town]. It proposes that the boundary be extended to include “all current and planned urban areas identified as Romsey”.

Changes to boundaries of parishes such as that proposed by Romsey Town Council can only be made following a community governance review (CGR), which would be carried out by Test Valley Borough Council.

A Borough-wide community governance review was carried out in 2018, which considered governance arrangements of all parishes in the Borough. Changes were made as a result, which came into effect in 2019.

Following Romsey Town Council’s request, Test Valley Borough Council has agreed to undertake a CGR to decide what action (if any) should be taken in response to the Town Council’s request.

Unlike the previous Borough-wide review, this CGR will ONLY consider an area covering the parishes of Romsey and Romsey Extra. The effect on adjoining parishes as a result of possible changes to governance within this area will be considered, but changes to governance arrangements in other parishes are not included within the scope of this CGR.

The terms of reference for the Review (approved by Council on 10 November 2021) and other relevant documents, are available to download under Part twelve: Useful documents


How to submit your views

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Community Governance Review (Legal and Democratic Service)

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If you have any questions about the community governance review, please contact Howard Bone, Senior Solicitor, on or 01264 368467.