Community Governance Review 2021

Why is the Council carrying out a community governance review?

The 2018 CGR made various changes to parish governance arrangements, but in respect of Romsey/Romsey Extra, broadly no changes were made.

Since then, Romsey Town and Romsey Extra Parish Councils have begun working jointly on various matters such as planning. Romsey Town Council has also been looking again at the boundary question, and has now formally resolved to seek a change.

The Council considers that it is appropriate to carry out a CGR to look at the parish boundaries and governance arrangements in this area in the light of Romsey Town’s request.

In agreeing to carry out a CGR, the Borough Council is not pre-judging the outcome of the CGR. No decisions have yet been made by the Council as to whether the boundary changes proposed by Romsey Town Council should be implemented. The CGR process will consider whether any changes are appropriate, and if so, what changes should be made. Boundaries and governance arrangements will only be altered at the end of the CGR, including the consultation process as set out below, and decisions on the outcome will take into account all representations received.