Dangerous Structure Report

In ensuring the health and safety of people in or about buildings, part of the Building Control role involves resolving issues that relate to dangerous structures.

Under the Building Act 1984, the Local Authority has the power to deal with buildings or structures that are considered to be in a dangerous condition.

In the first instance, following an inspection, the owner will be contacted and informed of the extent of the works that are required to be carried out to make the building or structure safe. Failure to carry out the works in a specified period may lead to the Council to instigate legal action to have the danger removed.

In extreme cases i.e. where the owner cannot be traced or the building or structure is considered to be immediately dangerous, the Council has the power to carry such works that are considered necessary to remove the danger. In some cases this could involve demolition.
Where works are carried out the authority is permitted to recover their costs from the owner of building or structure.

If you are concerned that a building or structure could be considered as being in a dangerous or unsafe condition, use this form to report your concern to Building Control. Once details have been received, the matter will be investigated by one of the Council Building Control Surveyors and the appropriate action will be taken. Where possible you will be kept informed of the outcome.

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