Our vision and values

We may be relatively small in size but not in our ambition and our Deputy Chief Executive will play a key role in realising these goals.

We are an ambitious, innovative and optimistic council with the confidence to deliver. This is based on:

  • putting our residents and communities at the heart of our decision making
  • on our long track record of entrepreneurial successes
  • on our culture which is focused on delivery
  • on our investment in our communities, councillors and staff.

Our corporate plan for 2019 to 2023, Growing Our Potential, is focused on how we can build upon the strengths of the borough and its communities to improve the quality of life across Test Valley. It sets out how we will take an investing approach, which is about more than just money and is instead about devoting our energy, skills and resources to the right things at the right time to grow the potential of: 

  • town centres - to adapt and be attractive, vibrant and prosperous places
  • communities - to be empowered, connected and able to build upon their strengths
  • people - to be able to live well and fulfill their aspirations
  • the local environment - for current and future generations.

We are values driven

TVBC Corporate Values

We are committed to high standards in everything we do, shaping our behaviours
and building our reputation in the eyes of our residents. Our five values are:

Accountability - We are accountable to all of the people of Test Valley for our actions and how we use resources, ensuring that we provide value for money.

Ambition - We are a dynamic organisation committed to achieving, improving and innovating.

Empowerment - We are an organisation committed to continuous learning, enabling and motivating all of our people to do their best work.

Integrity - We ensure that as an organisation, our communities can trust us to act fairly and honestly, and so can our staff.

Inclusiveness - We value diversity, promote equality of opportunity for all, and ensure that our services are accessible to everyone in Test Valley.

For more information on our corporate plan, please click here