Animal Welfare Policy

This policy sets out the general principles that the Borough Council will follow in relation to the enforcement of animal welfare legislation.  The policy describes the types of animal welfare matters that are likely to occur and how the Council will deal with them.

This policy and operational guidance details the service provided and the general principles that the Council follows in relation to the enforcement of animal welfare legislation and the discretionary functions it undertakes.

Animal welfare related matters included within the scope of this policy are:

  • Control of stray dogs;
  • Control of dog fouling;
  • Animal related nuisance complaints and animal cruelty;
  • Licensing and regulation of licence conditions in respect of:
    - Animal boarding establishments
    - Dog breeding establishments
    - Pet shops
    - Zoos

The Council is responsible for implementing the provisions of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 for dog fouling control, the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 relating to stray dogs and noise, odour and other statutory nuisance control and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which relates to animal cruelty.

For further information regarding this policy a copy of the Animal Welfare Policy which has recently been agreed by Cabinet can be downloaded from the link at the foot of this page.