Test Valley Borough Council's Housing Strategy 2020-2025

On this page, you can download a copy of  Test Valley Borough Council's Housing strategy 2020-2025

The Housing Strategy 2020 to 2025 is a high level plan that sets the course for our services to develop in partnership in the coming years, whilst drilling down into those priorities to provide a detailed roadmap that will enable us to achieve our aims. It sets out our vision for housing, with inclusive actions the Council and partners will deliver and that are designed to ensure we meet the housing aspirations of our residents.

This strategy has been developed in this context, and with due regard to the Council’s overarching Revised Local Plan. The Local Plan considers overall housing supply in the area, including the provision of new affordable housing. Test Valley’s Local Plan is ambitious, such that Local Plan requirements between 2020 and 2029 are to build a minimum of 5,292 new homes and with a policy aim to achieve 40% on site affordable housing delivery wherever it is possible to do so.