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The newly refurbished Chantry centre toilets

Newly refurbished toilets set to open in the Chantry Centre

Visitors to the Chantry Centre will benefit from the use of a freshly upgraded toilet facility set to open on Friday 6 December.

Following an intensive schedule of works, the refurbishment of the facilities near the bus station has included a complete overhaul and re-configuration of the toilet areas to improve circulation and access, as well as the installation of brand new water efficient toilets, sinks, hand dryers and cubicles.

The refurbishment includes environmentally sustainable fittings such as, LED lighting, sensor taps and modern efficient heating systems. 

Head of property and asset management at Test Valley Borough Council, Simon Ellis, said: “Since taking over the shopping centre earlier this year, Test Valley Borough Council has committed to improving facilities in the centre.

“Upgrading the toilets is a big step towards our goal to provide a better shopping experience and we hope that everyone will benefit from the new amenities.”