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Polling district review underway

Residents are being encouraged to have their say after Test Valley Borough Council launched a review of where people cast their votes at elections.

The review went live on Monday July 15 and will consider the borough’s polling districts as well as the locations of its polling stations.

It will look at the number of electors in each district to ensure there aren’t too many, as well as the locations of polling stations to make sure that they are accessible to all voters, including those with disabilities.

As well as asking for residents’ comments, the council will also request feedback from specific groups and individuals including councillors, parish councils, political parties, disability groups and the returning officer, who is the person responsible for running elections in the borough

Full details of the review, including the returning officer’s submission on the existing and proposed polling stations, are available on the council’s website The documents can also be inspected at the council offices in Andover and Romsey. Maps showing the existing polling districts, together with information including the location of existing polling stations and the number of electors per polling district are available on the website and at the council offices.

The consultation will close on August 30, 2019. People can submit their comments by email to, or by post to the head of legal and democratic services, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ.

Corporate portfolio holder, Councillor Tracey Preston, said: “This is an important piece of work and we would urge people to contact us with their feedback. When running an election it is of course absolutely vital that everything goes as smoothly as possible, so it is imperative that we ensure that our polling stations are in the right locations, are as accessible as possible and serve an appropriate number of people.”

The outcome of the review will be reported to full council on November 20, 2019. If approved, the proposals will be implemented and the electoral register due to be published on December 1 will be based on the new arrangements, which will then apply to any elections that take place after that date.