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Andover to come together to battle climate change

Andover is to come together for a climate day of action later this summer to help raise awareness of how we can go further to help our environment.

Launched by Andover Vision and some its key partners, the day itself is set to take place on June 25 when communities, organisations and everyone in between can commit to how they can help in the fight against climate change.

Andover Trees United, Andover Plastic Free, Andover Transition Town and Test Valley Friends of the Earth are just some of the partners contributing and helping to organise the day itself.

While many people and businesses already take steps to reduce their carbon output and contribute, the day of action will give those people a chance to highlight what they do, give inspiration to others, and see if they can go even further.

Although the day will be a little different to the original plan, due to the current pandemic and restrictions in place, an online participant pack with ideas on how schools, organisations and individuals can get involved is now available on the Andover Vision website at . Whether it’s walking or cycling for a journey rather than taking the car, turning lights off for an extra hour in the day or cooking a meat-free meal, there are plenty of ideas available!

Then, whatever the idea, those taking part are being encouraged to share their activity on social media with the hashtag of #andoverclimateaction and tagging @Andover_Vision on Twitter or @AndoverVision on Facebook, or email them in to

Chair of Andover Vision, Phil North, said: “I know that many people, either by themselves or as part of their business or school, already do so much to help fight climate change. However, with this day of action, we really want to galvanise our town and wider community to take the lead and make a pledge to go a step further.

“What you’re doing could inspire somebody else and what we want, at the end of the day, is to share what we can do to make an even bigger impact. So please, go online at, check out our participation packs and find inspiration to help our town and our planet.”