Full Plans Application

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To enable your application to be validated, you will also need complete the supplementary information form. To do so please click here We will need the form to be emailed to us upon completion.


This procedure requires preparation and submission of detailed constructional plans, including floor plans, elevations, sectional details and a full specification, which are checked and, if shown to comply with Building Regulations, approved. If any of the work shown on the plans does not appear to comply, or requires clarification, the applicant or agent will be asked to answer any queries raised by the Building Control Surveyor. A normal period of five weeks is allowed from the date the plans are deposited, after which a decision has to be given. However, if there are difficulties in providing the required information, an extension of the period up to two months is permitted provided the applicant agrees in writing.

Once a valid application has been deposited we will send the applicant/agent an acknowledgement letter and a site inspection record card. The record card will detail the stages of the work that the Building Control Surveyor will need to inspect. It is then the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the surveyor is notified at these stages. You can commence works 48 hours after depositing a valid application. However, if you start work before you receive approval you must accept that work is being carried out entirely at your own risk.

When the plans have been approved, the permission lasts for three years from the date of deposit. If works have not commenced within this time, you will need to submit a new application and payment.

When the surveyor has carried out a final inspection and is satisfied that the works comply with the Building Regulations, a Completion Certificate will be sent to the applicant.