Bidding for CIL Funds


Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) will be accepting bids for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding between 1 April and 30 June each year.

Bidding is open to Ward Members, Parish Councils, TVBC’s internal services, Hampshire County Council, the Environment Agency and other community groups and organisations that wish to deliver infrastructure that will benefit the residents and businesses of Test Valley.

Bids will be accepted for infrastructure items found on TVBC’s Regulation 123 list (see CIL Expenditure). The Regulation 123 list sets out the strategic infrastructure types or projects that TVBC may fund, in whole or in part, through CIL. Bids for projects that are not included on the Regulation 123 list will be taken to Cabinet as an exception.

Bids must be for projects with a value of £10,000 or more. Schemes with a value below £10,000 will be directed to other sources of funding. Bids must be capped at 50% of total project cost.

Please complete the CIL Bid Form (top of the list of documents to the right) and submit this, along with any supporting documents, to or by post to;


CIL Officer
Beech Hurst
Weyhill Road
SP10 3AJ