CIL Examination

Following the Examination into the Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule in May 2015, the Council has received the CIL Inspector’s report. The Inspector concluded that the charges proposed in the Test Valley Borough Council CIL are appropriate and financially viable, and that the Charging Schedule should be approved, subject to modifications.

Inspector's Final Report


Examination Library

Reference Date
TVBC CIL Draft Charging Schedule
ED/CIL 01 27/02/15
TVBC CIL Viability Study July 2014 (amended)
ED/CIL 02 27/02/15
TVBC Draft Regulation 123 List
ED/CIL 03 27/02/15
TVBC CIL Infrastructure Statement February 2015
ED/CIL 07 27/02/15