Evidence Base - Local Economy

The documents available on this page form part of the Council’s planning policy evidence base.


Southern Test Valley lies within the South Hampshire sub-region and the Council has worked collaboratively with neighbouring local authorities through the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH), on a joint evidence base to inform development requirements for the sub-region, including for employment land. Copies of this evidence base are available on the PfSH website www.push.gov.uk


Economic and Employment Land Studies

Economic, Employment and Commercial Needs (incl Logistics) Study, Stantec, 2021 (pdf, 2.3mb)

Employment Land Review and Andover Employment Floorspace Demand Study, DTZ, 2008

Employment Land Update, DTZ, 2012

Employment Land Study, LSH, 2016

Employment Land Study Addendum, LSH, 2018

Long Term Economic Strategy (LTES) for Test Valley, Experian, 2007

Assessing the Resilience of the Test Valley LTES, Experian, 2009

Test Valley Long Term Economic Strategy Update, Experian, 2012

Test Valley Economic Assessment, PBA, 2016

Southern Test Valley Employment Needs, Hill Taylor Partnership, 2007


Town Centre Office Market Studies

Andover Town Centre Office Market Study, Carter Jonas, 2012

Romsey Town Centre Office Market Study, Goadsby, 2009

Romsey Town Centre Office Market Study Update, Carter Jonas, 2012


Retail and Leisure Studies

Retail Capacity Study, NLP, 2007

Test Valley Retail Advice, NLP, 2009

Retail Study Update, NLP, 2012

Retail Study Addendum for Test Valley, GVA, 2011

Retail Development Potential in Romsey, NLP, 2008

Romsey Town Centre Study, University of Southampton, 2011

Andover and Romsey Retail Capacity & Leisure Study, Carter Jonas, 2018

Andover and Romsey Retail Capacity & Leisure Study Appendices, Carter Jonas, 2018


Tourism Studies

Economic Impact of Tourism, Tourism South East, 2012

Economic Impact of Tourism, Tourism South East, 2017

Hampshire Hotel Trends 2010 - 2012, Hotel Solutions, 2013

Test Valley Hotel Development Opportunities, Hotel Solutions, 2019

Test Valley Hotel Market Factfile, Hotel Solutions, 2019