2021 SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment)

The SHELAA is a technical document which provides information on sites; submitted by Landowners and Agents, for potential housing, economic development, Gypsy and Travelling Showpeople, Self Build housing etc. in relation to their suitability, availability and achievability. The SHELAA will only identify sites which have been promoted to the Council, it does not allocate sites. The inclusion of the site in the SHELAA does not imply that the Council would necessarily grant planning permission.

The SHELAA will supersede the 2019 Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).

The SHELAA document is an important component of the evidence base for the next Test Valley Local Plan. It seeks to identify and assess land which landowners and developers are willing to make available to inform potential future allocations for housing and employment.

The key points that should be acknowledged when referring to this document are:

  • The SHELAA only identifies sites with development potential, it does not allocate sites.
  • The SHELAA is based on the most up to date information available (supplied and researched) at the time of the document’s preparation (June 2021 to November 2021). Therefore factors may be subject to change over time and may have an effect on any site. They may include (but are not limited to):
  • Site boundaries
  • Assessment information
  • Constraint may be mitigated/overcome or additional factors may be identified
  • Likely development timescales may be subject to change
  • Site capacity or densities may be subject to change as additional information is developed and masterplanning detail takes place
  • The availability of the site may be reassessed by the landowner

The inclusion of a site within this document does not imply that the Council would necessarily grant planning permission for residential or employment use.

The inclusion of a site within the document does not preclude them for being developed for other uses.

The sites which are considered to have potential for strategic housing allocation would be assessed separately in a Sustainability Appraisal before policy decisions are made in the next Local Plan. SHELAA sites have not been ranked or discounted for existing constraints or potential delivery delays. The most appropriate development sites given the balance of constraints will be assessed separately through this process.

The information is based on submissions received from landowners and agents. Where information has not been provided in relation to site capacity or expected delivery the Council has estimated supply. These are marked with an asterisk.

The base date of this document is at June 2021

With regards to residential and economic uses, the Council will accept sites for a net gain of 5 or more dwellings and sites that are 0.25ha (or likely to provide at least 500m² of economic floor space) and above.

For further information or any queries please telephone 01264 368000 or email planningpolicy@testvalley.gov.uk