Chilbolton Neighbourhood Plan

Examiners Report

Mary O’Rourke has issued her independent report on the examination of the Chilbolton Neighbourhood Plan.  The council has also issued the Decision Statement to the Parish Council and notified all those with an interest in the plan.

The examiner recommended that, subject to a number of proposed modifications, the Plan should proceed to referendum. The examiner also recommended that the area for the referendum be based on the designated Chilbolton Neighbourhood Area as approved by the council in February 2020

The Government have indicated that no referenda shall take place until May 2021, but that once a decision statement has been published that the Neighbourhood Plan can be given significant weight in decision making, so far as the plan is material to a planning application.

Chilbolton NP Examiners Report

Chilbolton Decision Statement

The Examiner’s report, questions and other correspondence relating to the examination along with the council’s Decision Statement can also be viewed under the documents tab.